About Us

BM TOWN (UK) started in 2001 specialising in aftermarket parts, styling and accessories for BMW's. After a few years we then included parts for Audi in our portfolio and Maserati. In 2020 we also added parts for Porsche (www.porschelights.com). 

We are car enthusiasts ourselves and love modifying cars. We have had various Audi, BMW and Mercedes 190 (W201) demo cars over the years and have attended many car shows. We've also been heavily featured in many car magazines including Fast Car, Redline, Performance BMW and Mercedes magazines. 

In 2010 we added the Mercedes 190 (W201) exclusively to our portfolio because we have owned various models of this car and we just love it. It's a great car. It sometimes hard to find parts for this car due to it's age. A lot of aftermarket manufacturers stopped making parts for this car due to low demand over the years but we know there are many lovers and owners of the Mercedes 190 (W201) still out there who are keeping their cars on the road because they are such an excellent car to drive. 

We aim to provide a large range of aftermarket performance parts, modifications and upgrades for the Mercedes 190 (W201) and keep these cars going for as long as possible.