Polyurethane Bushes For Mercedes 190 (W201)

Polyurethane Bushes For Mercedes 190 (W201)

Poly bushes for the Mercedes 190 (W201). 

Poly bushes do not deteriorate like regular rubber bushes so they last much longer on the car and keep the suspension running precise, firm, smoother and much tighter for longer. 

The bushes are direct replacements for your standard rubber bushes with no modifications needed so are nice and easy to fit. All bushes are supplied with pouches of grease to help with fitting. 

Red bushes: The red poly bushes have a hardness of 80 ShA and are best used for every day road use and the very occasional track day. The hardness is very similar to the standard rubber bushes so you wont lose any driving comfort but the strength of the poly bushes is much greater and the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort and performance. 

You will notice improved stability and a better steering response. 

All red poly bushes come with a lifetime warranty. 

Yellow bushes: The yellow poly bushes have a hardness of 90 ShA and are best used for highly tuned track and racing cars. The suspension becomes much stiffer, reducing unwanted movement throughout the car's suspension. 

Both the red and yellow poly bushes are resilient to weathering, oils, grease, salt, acids and solvents. 

The poly bushes can be bought as a full kit or individually. The full kit includes poly bushes for the front lower arms/wishbones, the front anti roll sway bar, the front and rear part of the rear subframe, the rear lower track control arms, the rear toe links, the rear control arms and the rear anti roll sway bar. 

The front anti roll/sway bar inner bushes are available in 22mm, 23mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm and 30mm diameter. 

The front anti roll/sway bar outer bushes are available in 18mm, 22mm, 23mm, 25mm, 27mm and 28mm diameter. 

The rear anti roll/sway bar bushes are available in 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm diameter. 

Please let us know which sizes you require when placing your order. 

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