Cat Cams High Performance Camshaft For Mercedes 190 (W201)

Cat Cams High Performance Camshaft For Mercedes 190 (W201)

Cat Cams high performance camshaft for the Mercedes 190 (W201). 

These are made to order and delivery is around 4 - 6 weeks for 8v models. For 16v models they can take a bit longer. Please contact us for delivery time before ordering. 

Fitting a Cat Cams high performance camshaft to your Mercedes 190 will give it extra bhp, more torque, and increased driveability. 

Whether it's fast road, rally, rally cross, circuit, or drag racing, if you're looking for improved engine performance then this Cat Cams high performance camshaft is perfect. 

By fitting a high performance camshaft with its larger duration to your Mercedes 190 you will be increasing the amount of air being drawn into the engine, thereby increasing power/torque, extending the rev range at the top end, and also making the car more responsive. 

Spec for 1.8 - 2.0 and 2.3 8v (petrol models) is:

Duration 264   Valve Lift 10,90mm   Camlift 7,32mm   Valve Lift at TDC 1,00mm with peak angle 110. 

Spec for 2.6 is:

Duration 264 or 270 or 274   Valve Lift 11mm or 11.4mm   Camlift 7.4mm   Valve Lift at TDC 1.2mm with peak angle 114. 

For 16v models, the camshift kit also includes new mechanical lifters, spring retainers and gold dual springs.

For 8v models the standard springs can be used for fast road profiles. Make sure you inspect and replace the followers as they might have wear which will wipe the new cam out. We can supply new retainers, springs and followers if you need them for additional cost. 

Power increase is around 10%. 

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